Thursday, August 27, 2009

Intro to me & my Blog (for Emily & Tyler)

I made 2 new friends tonight! Well, one of them I had technically already met, but I think we cemented our friendship tonight. They are both going to be checking out my blog! My friend Katie made a big deal about it to them which of course made me nervous! What if I'm just not as interesting to other people as I think I am! What is people just accidentally stumble upon my posts because of randomly googling "Buffy" or something? It's very intimidating.

So I thought maybe I could give you a little intro to me & my blog...

First of all, I have the most wonderful friends and I love to talk about them whenever I can! I used to do this "i see you" thing - which is not nearly as creepy as it sounds - more my way of saying I notice you, I recognize you, I see what you're doing & how you try & how you live & I love you. So check that out. I also think that my friends are absolutely hilarious & I will post my favorite quotes by my friends whenever they say funny things! I need to start remembering to post these more often again because my friends are frequently cracking me up!

Sometimes, although rarely, I will post my political opinions. I am the type of person who enjoys hearing other's opinions. I think it's an important part of the process of me developing my own political opinions. Maybe you'll bring up a point I hadn't thought of or bring a new perspective I hadn't seen. It may not change my opinion, but it will definitely at the very least give me a better understanding of my own opinion because I've been able to see it from another perspective as well. So if you read any of my political thoughts, post your comments! I'm interested! Just be nice. I'll try to reply with the same amount of respect. Here are a few in particular to check out if you are interested:
Food for Thought
President-elect Barack Obama
McCain on Letterman

I also love Jesus. That relationship is the biggest part of my life & influences every area of who I am. I'm not the poster-child for Christianity. I'm still definitely struggling with my own issues as I'm sure everyone is & I'm still working toward the person I want to be. I just know that my heart & my soul & my brain & my thoughts & convictions all point in the direction of Jesus. So sometimes I talk about that. Here are some specific posts to check out on that topic:
Thought for Sunday
Breaking the Chains
Because it's on my mind
Favorite Friend Quote of the Day 11-20-2007
to the broken

Also, I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer! It is one of 2 of my favorite shows! The other show is Friends. I love Friends too. But Buffy holds a special place in my heart. I love the relationships & the cheesy hilariousness of it all! I just think it's fabulous!! I talk about it a lot! Check out a couple of my favorite Buffy posts:
Andrew tweeted me!!!!!
Buffy Tweets Top 10 (okay, 15) Buffy Episodes
1 more Joss post...
Buffy Birthday!!!
Laugh if you must
Aw I love people!!
Ahem, Attention all Buffy Fans

I love quotes. Not too much to say about that. I just post them from time to time because they inspire me! I also love PostSecret!

Finally, here are a bunch of posts that I think just reflect who I am! It's a long list & I stopped somehwere around March 2008 because I felt like it was long enough. But check them out!
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There's my general overview of myself & my blog!! Hope you enjoy & keep reading!!!
Also check out my fairly new Ingenue Mom blog!!

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