Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Aw I love people!!

My friend Josh (see picture) just posted a bulletin on Myspace about me & Hannah! And I love it! So you should read it!

thank you for the following:

1. convincing me via puppy chow
to purchase the buffy seasons.

2. proudly sporting buffy tattoos.

you guys are friggin awesome!

You, too are friggin awesome, Josh!


katie said...

did you get a buffy tattoo? what is it??

haha sorry, i'm very nosy...and also very curious about other people's tattoos because i can never commit to a design for myself, so i check out other people's for ideas!

katie said...

ooooh! that sounds really cute actually! i love buffy too, i think i commented that earlier. i love all the girl power in that show - joss whedon is amazing.

i've been looking into getting a white tattoo, since i can't seem to commit to anything else so far, haha.

Anonymous said...

i may be friggin awesome too but you guys are much more friggin awesome than i am...

did that make any sense at all?

Spradling said...

lol, that Josh

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