Thursday, May 3, 2007

This guy named Josh

This guy named Josh that works in the accounting department at my office reads my blog all the time. But he never posts comments. Which makes me think there are several of you that read it and don't post comments because people always say that! "I read your blog the other day!" a comment!!

Here's a question:

Would you rather change sex everytime you sneeze or emit a bright green cloud everytime you fart?


janine said...

definitely not the bright green cloud one... unless EVERYONE emitted a birght green cloud. mostly because there are many times i have to let one slip out and have no choice and have to do it by someone else to blame it on them. c'mon, you know what i'm talking about. hahaha.

that guy named josh said...

i guess if i had to choose i would pick the bright green cloud. sometimes my allergies get bad in the summer... that could be a disaster.

Peter said...

green cloud. i'll admit it when it happens anyway.

in honor of "would you rather," -- THINGS TO CONSIDER

** Grandfatherly sneezing fits - boobs, penis, boobs, penis.

** Ease in tracking your carbon footprint. A green cloud would be a sign to environmentalists that you are emitting a little too much gas.

For some facts on farts: check this out!

Tina said...

i'm gonna go with the cloud, cause i sneeze far more than i fart. and, also, i would really hate to be a boy, cause they smell.

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