Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Shows Premiere 2010 - Week 2

Last week The Ellen Degeneres show premiered & I loved seeing Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Mary-Kate & Ashley & Ben Affleck!! I missed Ellen this summer! In the 90210 premiere, I was really ready for Annie & Liam to get together & I'm kinda annoyed that they didn't. I don't enjoy the whole situation with Naomi for several reasons. Overall, though it was good. Gossip Girl was good, I just hate this Dan/Georgina/baby thing. Ick.

On Tuesday there was One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected & Parenthood! One Tree Hill was okay, but I'm still not 100% convinced that it's good that they are having another season. I hope it gets better. Next week is another of the episodes where they have someone in a coma or dead but they're walking around like they're all good. We've seen this with Keith & Karen & Lucas already before. We'll see how that goes. Life Unexpected was great! I surprisingly didn't see the Lux & her teacher thing coming. I want Cate & Baze to be together & I'm sort-of ok with Lux & Bug breaking up. Parenthood was pretty good. I just really like that show & I can't explain exactly why. It makes me happy!

This week is a big week for tv premieres! These shows are premiering:

How I Met Your Mother
The Event

Raising Hope

Modern Family
Cougar Town

The Big Bang Theory
$#*! My Dad Says
Grey's Anatomy
The Office

Saturday Night Life

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Favorite Music Videos 2010

Watching the VMA's is making me think about  music videos this year. There have only been a couple of music videos that stuck out to me this year & that's probably because the first 2 weeks after Isis was born, I left the TV on AMTV2 all night, so videos were always playing when I woke up to feed Isis. Those were some rough nights with my baby blues & just being exhausted, but these videos made me feel better somehow! Now I think they'll always remind me of those nights with Isis & while at the time they were rough, looking back on it is great for me because they were my first days with my baby girl!

30 Seconds to Mars

Owl City


Kings of Leon
Sex on Fire

What were your favorite videos this year?

Fall Shows Premiere Week 2010 - Week 1

Last week Vampire Diaries Season 2 premiered on the CW. Hellcats and Nikita also had their series premieres on the CW! Vampire Diaries rocked my socks off! It was absolutely amazing - probably my favorite show on TV right now. Diana & I are now having Thursday night pajama parties watching it together at her house! Hellcats was ok. It wasn't my favorite & I'm giving it one more week. Nikita, on the other hand, didn't even last 10 minutes for me. I hated it from the very beginning. It will not be added as a permanent addition to my DVR.

This coming week these shows premiere:

The Ellen Degeneres Show
Gossip Girl

One Tree Hill
Life Unexpected

None of them are new series for me, so I'm pretty pumped about all of them!

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