Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Shows Premiere 2010 - Week 2

Last week The Ellen Degeneres show premiered & I loved seeing Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Mary-Kate & Ashley & Ben Affleck!! I missed Ellen this summer! In the 90210 premiere, I was really ready for Annie & Liam to get together & I'm kinda annoyed that they didn't. I don't enjoy the whole situation with Naomi for several reasons. Overall, though it was good. Gossip Girl was good, I just hate this Dan/Georgina/baby thing. Ick.

On Tuesday there was One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected & Parenthood! One Tree Hill was okay, but I'm still not 100% convinced that it's good that they are having another season. I hope it gets better. Next week is another of the episodes where they have someone in a coma or dead but they're walking around like they're all good. We've seen this with Keith & Karen & Lucas already before. We'll see how that goes. Life Unexpected was great! I surprisingly didn't see the Lux & her teacher thing coming. I want Cate & Baze to be together & I'm sort-of ok with Lux & Bug breaking up. Parenthood was pretty good. I just really like that show & I can't explain exactly why. It makes me happy!

This week is a big week for tv premieres! These shows are premiering:

How I Met Your Mother
The Event

Raising Hope

Modern Family
Cougar Town

The Big Bang Theory
$#*! My Dad Says
Grey's Anatomy
The Office

Saturday Night Life

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