Friday, May 25, 2007

Citizens Police Academy

I'm going to do the Citizen's Police Academy!! You should do it with me!!

It starts on June 12 and it is every Tuesday at 6:30 for 10 weeks.

They teach you what the police officers do and teach you how to do a lot of it. You get to drive a police car and you get tours of the prisons and you get to go on a ride-along at the end of it! Once you graduate, you know all the police officers in Lexington and they treat you like one of their own. They give you their personal phone numbers and stuff so you can call them if you are ever in trouble!! Also, you're always invited to any police functions, like cookouts and stuff!!

The topics are:
* Criminal Lawshooter
* Recruitment/Training
* Patrol Procedures
* Narcotics/VICE Investigations
* K-9/Bike Patrol/Mounted Patrol
* Emergency Response
* Communications
* Internal Affairs
* Media/Public Relations
* Accident Reconstruction
* Criminal Investigations
* Crime Scene Processing
* Family Abuse/Juvenile Procedures
* Community Services
* Crime Stoppers
* Defensive Tactics
* Firearms Automated Training System
* Tactical Traffic Stops

You don't just sit there and they lecture to you about everything, you actually do simulations and you do activities and you go watch like the SWAT team do stuff and stuff like that. It's not just like sitting in a class.

My friend Julie just did it and she LOVED it! I'm doing it!!

If you want to do it with me, this is the link for the application! You have to turn it in ASAP!!

OH, it's totally FREE!!!!!!!!!!!


Tina said...

this is seriously the most random thing EVER.

Cameron said...

haha omg tina you should so do it!! you would be awesome at it!! i'm actually excited about it!!

katie said...

this looks really cool actually!

i wonder if being tight with the police would help get me out of a speeding ticket...haha

Per said...

reminds me of "dh :-)"

ask fred.

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