Sunday, May 13, 2007


I found a bunch of my old cards from people in high school. I used to have them taped to my mirror to remind myself of the people that care about me. I found one card in there that I had bought to give to someone else, but I have never given it to them. This is what it says:

the craziness in
life can sometimes
distract us from
what is
every once in a
while we should
take the time
to tell
the people we
care about
how we feel

you mean the
world to me

And I don't have a picture of Allison. But she should be on here.


Susan Toups said...

You are very special Cameron. Everything in your life is deeply felt. I pray that you stay that way.

hannah the vampire slayer said...

aw i love you!!! you mean the world to me :) and i love the pic you chose for ian. everytime i see that i crack up!!!

Emily said...

i adore this post

Spradling said...

that pic of ian never gets old

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