Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Subsidized Story Time 5-29-2007

One old one, one new one

I have mentioned before that we work in a building that has condominiums in the upper floors and we are on the first floor. Elite Pest Control comes to spray for bugs every few weeks. They enter all the units and spray. Well, this woman from upstairs, who has already complained about every resident around her as well as every other possible building maintenance issue you could think of, she comes downstairs and tells Lewis that the Pest Control lady came into her apartment and dropped a huge poop in her toilet and stopped it up and then tried to clean it up by putting a towel around the bottom of the toilet. She knows all this because she comes in and the towel is around the stopped up toilet.

Who knows if that is true, but secretly...I hope it is!

Today, we just got a call from a foreign woman.

Woman Caller: "I am interesting in job at Sarah Apartments."
[In my head]: "Ah, yes, I am interesting in my job as well."

Maybe that's not funny to you, but I almost peed my pants.

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Morganne said...

Ok, I am sitting in a computer class and trying to contain my laughter! That's hilarious!

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