Thursday, May 10, 2007

Subsidized Story Time 5-10-2007

So this one is from within the corporate office, not tenants of our properties. I'm talking about educated, intelligent people, evidently having major brain farts!

Coworker (I promised I wouldn't use her name): We should go on a vacation! I'm ready for a vacation! Where should we go?

Me: We should go to Rome!

Coworker (Thinks for a minute): Okay! You can go to Rome and I'll go to Italy!!

Me: Um...Rome is in Italy!

Coworker: Oh! Haha! I temporarily forgot!

Me: That's okay, I used to think Greece was it's own country!!

Coworker: Um...Cameron...


janine said...

okay so i knew greece was it's own country but i had no clue where rome was for the longest time... until i took art history 4 semesters ago and figured it out like half way through... :)

janine said...

also... just reading oh no they didn't blog... apparently there is question as to whether or not votes count on american idol...
(i wouldn't be surprised if they really don't....)

Susan Toups said...

This was one of my favorite work moments!!

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