Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lost Finale - I'm ready wasn't blown away. I really liked it. I will definitely keep watching it. And the part at the end was cool, but almost a let-down because you know they're going to get off the island and not end up being happy about it.

I dunno, I wasn't just amazed with it or anything.

But it was good.

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Spradling said...

I think after learning of Jacob, there is a Garden of Eden vs. Voodoo themes in the movie.

The Black ash/powder around the cabin is there to keep Jacob in the cabin, because in Voodoo culture, many people put a similar black substance around their homes to keep bad spirits out...

Garden of Eden theory is thanks to my sis and how babies born on the island die fast and people seem to heal...who knows if that is true.

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