Saturday, February 9, 2008

You should all be so proud

I went out with Diana today for lunch, because that's what we always do on Saturdays. And then we go running errands and shopping. Today we were shopping for stuff for Diana's house. She needed stuff for Vada & Stella's rooms. (Remember, I gave up shopping for things I don't REALLY need for Lent.)

Well, we went to Target and you should be SO proud because I wanted so badly to buy these:

and this:
and this:

and kinda this:

(well at least one of the purses - I've been looking for a purse that I can wear with black and brown that won't fall apart) but I didn't!!!! Now hopefully they will still be available after Easter, but seeing how that is like more than a month away, I doubt they will still be available. Bummer.


k said...

oh i bought those loafers in pink! you have much more willpower than me, hahah...but i am sad because i already ruined them :( i am hoping they will go on sale big time and i can get a replacement pair, they really are comfy

Emily said...

haven't bought anything since i've been here and i am surrounded by great shopping, i got a UNLV t-shirt but that is it. and it was with my books so it doesn't count!

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