Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby Names (for Diana's enjoyment)

My friend Diana sent me links to all these sites:
SSA Popular Baby Names
Behind the Name
Hippie Style Baby Names

She is all about baby names. And she kind-of gets me all about them too. I wish that would go the other way with my Buffy obsession because then we would just really be the same person. Oh well.

I'm going to share with you a highly guarded secret...Lewis & I have picked out our baby names. But we don't totally have middle names yet and just in case we have 2 boys or 2 girls, we need to have alternates, so I still look. But here are the 2 we know for sure...

For a girl: Scarlett
For a boy: Gage

Sssssshhhhhh! And DON'T TAKE THEM!! I'm telling you, if you name your kid that, it does not threaten me and I will name my kid that because I just claimed them as my own!! And if you don't like them, then whatever. Better for me.

But here are more that I like...(these don't have Lewis' approval yet)

Haven (middle name)
Jet (middle name)
Sienna (middle name)


Brooke said...

Im going to adopt a British boy and rename him Jude.

Guy Davis said...

Good choices. Both Scarlett and Gage are fairly uncommon these days judging by this map of popular baby names which includes the SSA data along with other countries.

Morganne said...

I like both your names...but don't worry, I won't steal them! We are gonna use either Gunnar or Annabelle. BTW, thanks for the honorable mention on the blog!

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