Thursday, February 7, 2008


Emily & Nate each have a pair of these.

Now they've motivated me. I gave up shopping for things I don't REALLY need for Lent, so after Easter I plan on buying a pair!

TOMS shoes donates one pair of shoes to a child in need. So for every pair you buy for yourself, you're buying one for a child! It's a great mission and a great company.

Some people think the shoes are ugly, but I think they're cute. They're a "traditional Argentine shoe." And now they have special hand-painted ones!!


Maria said...

I love these shoes! I've been meaning to buy a pair for a while now. And I still owe Mark a pair from his birthday LAST year. I love the cause and I think the shoes are so cute.

Emily said...

you would look cute in them with your skinny little legs

sarah said...

lol... your resolution only lasted for like a week. :-)

Cameron said...

it wasn't a resolution. it was giving something up for Lent. and i've stuck to everything i gave up. after Easter (when Lent ends), I'm going to buy some TOMS.

sarah said...

ah! sorry, i just read it wrong.

Cameron said...

it's okay i was just like, "wait!! i haven't given up on anything!!" haha

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