Thursday, February 28, 2008

Teacher vs. Parent

This is a PostSecret from this week and a comment that was sent to Frank about the PostSecret...

"Our children are our lives and we're in your classroom because we know how little some of you really care about them and about us. Our little secret? We don't trust you with our children unless we're keeping an eye on you."

I sincerely hope to be the kind of teacher who is genuinely a blessing to the child and the parent. I know you can't please everyone and I understand the responsibility that comes with being a teacher for other people's children. This whole thing just made me sad. I hate that a teacher sent in that PostSecret and I hate that a parent had to say that back.


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sarah said...

i remember parents volunteering and working at stamping ground elementary. i don't think it's really fair... they were always moms of students in the class, and those students always got special privileges. they got to go in the teacher's lounge and stuff, and they were almost always the ones that teachers picked to run errands. also, if they decided they were sick, they got to go home with hardly any questions asked. and one more thing, if you ever got in an argument with one of the kids whose parent was there, you had to deal with the angry parent all up in your business because they're ALWAYS there... WATCHING.

if, as a parent, you don't trust a teacher (who has spent years in school to do their job and deal with your kids) then maybe you shouldn't send you kid to that school. kids need to interact with other kids without their mommies there to always take up for them.

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