Thursday, February 7, 2008

Evidently these are the movies to watch

Michael Clayton
7 Academy Award Nominations

7 Academy Award Nominations

There Will Be Blood
8 Academy Award Nominations

No Country For Old Men
8 Academy Award Nominations


sarah said...

i saw there will be blood last week. it has some really brilliant acting in it - and some philosophical goodness.

Peter said...

I am watching "There Will be Blood" presently and yes, the acting is fine...BUT the movie is AWFUL!

If ever there was a movie that did not follow the book (TWBB is based on "Oil!", by Upton Sinclair).

You must read "Oil!" as it was one of the greatest books I have ever written. Upton Sinclair develops characters that are most memorable.

HW in the movie (Bunny in the book) is not deaf and his separation with his father is not caused by a physical ailment, but from Bunny's belief in socialism. He doesn't marry a deaf girl, but Rachel a Jewish socialist (two faux pas for a well-to-do son of an oil man).

The movie as usual is quite inferior to the book. Read the book and forget you saw the movie.

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