Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Amazon Wish List

Dear Friends,

When an event comes up such as birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, random Tuesdays that Cameron feels like being nice to people she cares about, it really helps sometimes if I have an idea of what you would like that you don't have.

Now, granted, I pride myself on really making an effort to secretly discover these things, but still it's always fun to see wish lists and things like this. I have used my moms several times already to buy her gifts!

So, here is my one request, please make an wish list. I think they are fabulous. I have one myself. And Amazon is amazing because every once in a while things go on sale for the best prices!! (i.e. right now The OC Season 4 is on sale for $16.99 which makes me very upset because I have wanted to buy that forever but didn't because it is shorter than the other seasons and still costs $45!! And I gave up buying things I don't really need for Lent, so hopefully it will still be on sale for that price after Easter!)

Either way, I would LOVE to see your wish lists and possibly buy random fun gifts when I can!

And P.S. I am posting this because there are a couple of you that I was just trying to discover things I could buy you just for fun because I have the most wonderful friends and I like to do nice things for them. But lo and behold, I found things I think you would like, but then was afraid you already had them!!

It's a vicious cycle. Amazon! Go now!!




sarah said...

fit to strip?

Cameron said...

omg sarah fit to strip is awesome! my friend kristen has it!! there is another one that is actually the striptease workout video, but this one is to get you in shape to do the striptease, so it's just normal stuff.

k said...

oh i might get addicted to this...making a wishlist is like going shopping without spending any money!

k said...

oh p.s. i used to have the whole collection of carmen electra's strip-workout dvds and then i lost them all when i moved :( they are really fun though, once you stop being so self conscious about how goof you look! haha

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