Friday, February 8, 2008

Here's the deal

I have dropped the ball on my life. Too many distractions.

Between work, school, marriage, friends, tv shows, Valentines, books, etc. I have just somehow gotten flipped around.

This is my weekend to catch up. With the exception of 27 Dresses tonight at 9:25 and lunch with Diana tomorrow around 11:30, I am spending the rest of the weekend catching up on life.

So I maybe won't blog too much.

But I make no promises. I tend to set my mind to something and then get it all done really fast and then actually have free time. Now, why can't I do that throughout the week? Then I would never get flipped around like I am right now.

Have a lovely weekend!!!

1 comment:

Sara Jane said...

I hope you love 27 dresses as much as I did! Enjoy your down time!

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