Sunday, February 17, 2008

PostSecret 2-17-2008

I have comments this time...

This is totally me. I know exactly what I would say and exactly who I would thank. I have confidence that one day this will pay off for me... haha

My friend Diana told me the other day that one of the good things about me is that I never get down on myself for my weight or anything. I never really realized that I don't do that because I definitely think about it. I guess I just always figure that I know that I would rather eat what I want (within reason) and wear a size 6 or 8 than starve myself and stress about weight all the time to be a size 2. I just naturally am a size 6 or 8. But there are lots of girls who are naturally bigger or smaller than that. Wouldn't you rather just be comfortable and healthy rather than weight-obsessed and hungry all the time? There is no mold that fits everyone.

I believe that random acts of kindness can change your world.

I'm in a Gender & Women's Studies class this semester and we are studying homophobia and sexism right now. It bothers me that rights that I believe should be innate to everyone, no matter what, are withheld from certain groups. It's wrong. And I'm sorry.

I want to learn to sign. I'm going to be a teacher. I think this could come in handy one day. Maybe I'll never use it, but I think it would be good to know how. Anybody want to find classes and go with me?

This made me cry. I want to say thank you to Mrs. Crouch, Mrs. Sampson, Mr. Slone, Mrs. McGuire, Mrs. Evans, Mr. Meadows, Mrs. Looney, Mr. Mitchell, Mrs. Erena, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Schmidt, Mrs. Edwards, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Baker, Mr. Merz, Mr. Reddish & Mr. Massey. I remember. And I appreciate your sacrifice as teachers.

This really freaks me out. It's always kinda freaked me out the power that those in the medical profession hold. Their mistakes can permanently alter your life both positively and negatively. I think it is important we pray for those in the medical profession. They deserve our thoughts and prayers.

This reminds me of a friend of mine and recent events and the way some people handled their decisions about the future. It's your future. Grasp it with both hands and with your heart and mind open to possibility. You can always come back if need be.


m worsham said...

i forgot to tell you! but i got my valentine you sent! i loved it! thank you so much! i love getting mail! :)

Sara Jane said...

There were so many good ones this week!

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