Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Help me if you can...

I would like to learn how to make YouTube videos. I think I could make some wonderfully cheesy crap. Anybody know how? Or what computer program I would need? I would rock at that.

And I'm completely not kidding, if you know how to make them, tell me because I want to know!

Here are links to some YouTube videos that I like...

Peyton & Lucas - One Tree Hill

Michael & Sara - Prison Break

Grey's Anatomy Bloopers

Big Love Montage

The OC kids


brooke said...

you can do it with a digital camera. its really easy.

Sara Jane said...

I hear it's easy. My friend Dre' does it...I can ask her, or check out her blog at andreasbrian.com. She has a link to her You Tube page.

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