Saturday, February 2, 2008

Read my friend's blogs!!

Mandy has been looking at shoes, sad about Heath Ledger, and working at the Lexington Humane Society!

Katie loves office supplies!

Emily is still looking at bookcases, thinks Ellen Pompeo is pretty, and is ready for Valentine's Day!

Jessica is all about the celebrities!! I love it!!

Jennifer is an aunt!!

Megan has been out of town!

Emily has been out of town!

Maria is in the middle of KTIP, loves Justin like I do, and is reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter!

Sara Jane likes Amy Winehouse's voice, wishes she had a million dollars, and reminded me that I really need to go see 27 Dresses!!

Stephanie is proud to be a Maldonado, is excited about Lost, and loves Harry Potter!

Susan needs some Christian Louboutin's, watched the cheerleaders in Japan, and is voting for Barack!!

Emily & Nate are still in Vegas!

Travis is still blogging fairly regularly...

The Johnson's are still posting cute pictures of Blake!!

My friends are cool. Check out their blogs!!


Emily said...

your cool

Jessica P. Wallin said...

Thank you for linking me, but that blog is not really going anywhere. For now, I'm all about and!

And, I hope that if I delete my blogspot blogs soon you won't forget me when Nathan and I get our dot com! All I have to do is click "check out now"! (Waiting on Nathan for the reluctant "okay, fine!") :-)

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