Thursday, February 7, 2008


So I told you before that I bought Buffy Valentines on ebay. I am very excited about it. Those of you who regularly read my blog know that I get really excited about little silly things. I just have a natural passion for the mundane and ridiculous. I believe I will make an excellent Kindergarten teacher because of this.

Here's the deal - I've really worked hard on my Valentines. It may seem stupid to you either that I send out Valentines in general or that they are Buffy themed. Either way, I feel that it says a lot and is NEVER a bad thing that someone #1 went on ebay to find Buffy Valentines that are actually from 2003 because they haven't been made since then, #2 took the time to get your address, fill it out, buy stamps and envelopes and mail you a Valentine and #3 chose you as one of the people they wanted to do this for. I only got a limited amount of Valentines!!

So...if you get a Valentine from me in the mail, please don't make fun of me because I think at this point it would really hurt my feelings.

(And I'm sorry I sound like a big baby, I was just working on them and was all giggly and excited and Lewis was like, "I can't believe how excited you are about sending those out to people!" and I was like, "oh...maybe people really don't understand how I think about this or why I do it." It has nothing to do with Buffy and everything to do with how I think about the people I send them to.)

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k said...

i think it's super cute...and i am very excited that you included me on that! haha :)

i wish i had thought far enough in advance to do this...maybe next year

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