Thursday, January 31, 2008

Step Up 2

So Lewis and I are really big fans of the dance movies. We see them all. Even the really bad ones. I know what you're thinking...omg big losers. Well, kiss my butt. We can't wait to see this! haha! I think we're going to see it on Valentine's Day!!!

And this is the final dance of the first movie. I love it.


Emily said...

hahaha Nate and I will have to kiss you butt b/c we laughed a lot when we saw the preview for Step Up 2. Was the first one good?

Cameron said...

the first one is actually my favorite dance movie (of late - that's not counting dirty dancing and the classics, you know...)

Emily said...

your so funny this is why i love you. it was good talking to you today :)

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