Friday, February 6, 2009

Movie News!!

Who is interested in the new GI Joe movie, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra? It stars Channing Tatum, which I'm sure will cause plenty of interest from a few people!

This year the Oscars will be following a different format than the traditional format of years past. They aren't going to announce the presenters beforehand. "There also won't be the same old opening monologue, endless movie clips, an abundance of canned segments, silly prefab presenter banter and embarrassing interruptions of impassioned speeches" says Susan Wloszczyna who interviewed this years Oscar producers for USA Today. Read the entire interview here!

Batman 3 is currently being written!! Finally officially working on the script!! Woo hoo! Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, who wrote The Dark Knight, are also writing the 3rd installment in Nolan's versions of Batman.

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Spradling said...

you KNOW I am excited about this movie, even if it is horrible. I grew up on G. I. Joes.

They want to make it a trilogy. You should go watch the "redone" public announcements they had at the end of the cartoons. You would probably get a kick out of those.

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