Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top 10 Greenest US Presidents

According to MSN, these are the Top 10 Greenest US Presidents. They have reasons.

I am hoping we can count on Obama to be added based on the claims he made during campaigning. I guess we will wait and see! Here is the list for your info. Click here to see the full list at MSN and to see TreeHugger's post on it click here.

1. Thomas Jefferson
botanist & agrarian

2. Andrew Jackson
Hot Spring Reservation

3. Abraham Lincoln
Yosemite valley

4. Ulysses S. Grant
Yellowstone National Park

5. Theodore Roosevelt
Forest Reserve Act

6. Woodrow Wilson
National Park Service

7. Lyndon Johnson
Highway Beautification Act of 1965

8. Richard Nixon
Environmental Protection Agency

9. Jimmy Carter
Department of Energy

10. George W. Bush
Lifestyle (Have you heard about his house?)

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