Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Johnny Depp in The Three Stooges

Johnny Depp is supposedly in talks to play Moe in the new Three Stooges movie. I would be very interested to see how that worked out. It sounds strange and awesome in that wonderful Johnny Depp sort of way. I tend to like him in everything. Sean Penn is rumored to be the favorite to play Larry. The movie is written and directed by the Farrelly brothers, known for Dumb & Dumber, There's Something About Mary and Shallow Hal.

What do you think about these possible choices?

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chasing empty pavements said...

I'm not sure what I think about Johnny Depp playing Moe. I think he could tottally make it work, but i'm just nervous about it. I think he has amazing talent and is able to pull off almost I wouldn't be suprised if he does it and does it well!

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