Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oscar Pick: Actress in a Leading Role

This one is funny for me because I actually haven't seen any of these movies yet. It's the one category that I just failed in terms of preparing for my Oscar picks. These are all opinions based on the results of the awards shows so far.

Kate Winslet
The Reader
While I haven't seen this yet, due to the fact that she has won every time she's been nominated for this role so far (Best Supporting Actress at the SAG Awards & at the Golden Globes) I have no doubts really that she'll probably win this time. Her only real competition, judging from the Globes and the SAGs, is Meryl Streep for Doubt.

Meryl Streep
I haven't seen this either, but we all know Meryl Streep is absolutely fabulous all the time, so it wouldn't really be a surprise if she won.

Anne Hathaway
Rachel Getting Married
I've seen bits and pieces of this movie online and I can't wait to see the whole thing! It comes out on DVD on March 10. From what I seen, she really did well in this role, but I don't think she'll win against Winslet and Streep.

Angelina Jolie
I actually rented this on Tuesday and haven't watched it yet. Either way, I don't think she'll win either against Winslet and Streep.

Melissa Leo
Frozen River
Honestly, I don't even know a thing about this woman or this movie. I'll have to rent it.

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