Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oscar Pick: Actor in a Leading Role

I had originally thought I would favor Mickey Rourke for this award, but after seeing Milk, I just can't root for anyone else. Sean Penn brought such honesty and vulnerability to that role that I just completely fell in love with it. He is a wonderful actor and that is not new information. Anything you've seen him in has just blown you away, I'm sure. I think he deserves to win the Oscar for this performance.

Mickey Rourke
The Wrestler
He definitely comes in at a close second for me. I did not want to see The Wrestler and when I did, I just loved it and I think a lot of that is because of Rourke in the role. I don't even like him, but I cared a lot about his character. He made me see beyond the surface and I found myself just hoping that Randy "The Ram" would find some peace of mind. If he wins the Oscar, I definitely won't be disappointed or surprised.

Richard Jenkins
The Visitor
I rented this movie a few weeks ago and actually really enjoyed it! Richard Jenkins played a lonely college professor who just wants to play music, but can't seem to find the talent. He meets an immigrant couple, specifically a man who teaches him how to play the drums and ultimately the friendship teaches Jenkin's character about life and love and America. It's just a really moving performance that I thought was worthy of the Oscar nomination.

Frank Langella
I thought he was wonderful in his portrayal of Richard Nixon. It is difficult to capture such a well-known figure, but he does it with such grace, but also authority. I saw Nixon - the man - as well as Nixon the President and Nixon the scandal. It was a really wonderful role that I think he captured perfectly.

Brad Pitt
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Brad Pitt has proven time and again that he is so deserving of his status in Hollywood. He is such a diverse actor and this movie showed that very well. He plays Benjamin with an innocence and sincerity that makes you just feel so much for him. I always feel like Brad Pitt brings that to his roles, but this one in particular was definitely nomination-worthy.

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