Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day = Chick Flicks

Lewis and I stayed home and made dinner and watched movies on Valentine's Day. We aren't really Valentine's Day kind of people, so we really just took it as an opportunity to stay home together because all our friends were going out to celebrate. We ended up watching Nights in Rodanthe (which I wasn't all that crazy about) and Good Will Hunting (which I'm ALWAYS crazy about). I read this post on FilmJunk about the top 10 chick flicks that men secretly love and I don't necessarily agree. The only chick flick I've really seen that most guys like that I know is Sweet Home Alabama and it's not even on the list. I've bolded the ones that I agree with. What do you think?

FilmJunk thought these were the top 10:
Mean Girls
While You Were Sleeping
When Harry Met Sally
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Moulin Rouge!
Pretty Woman
Bridget Jones Diary
Love Actually


The Kaintuckeean said...

An interesting post. I believe I'll do a Man Review of these Top 10 movies.

1. Titanic. Unbold this immediately. With the exception of a boat sinking and a little nip' of Winslet, I can't stand this movie.

2. Ghost. Never seen it.

3. Mean Girls. Funny, but you are correct. Not a secret guy film.

4. While You Were Sleeping. Appropriately titled.

5. When Harry Met Sally. I get this confused with Sleepless in Seattle. I don't know why.

6. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. OK. This is comedy. Yes, there is love in it - but that can be overlooked with a little Windex. This was funny and I like this movie.

7. Moulin Rouge!. Given the choice between watching this movie again and running into her knife ten times, I would choose the latter.

8. Pretty Woman. Yes. I won't cringe when it is on, but I'd rather watch My Big Fat Greek. Still, Julia Roberts giving it to those department store bitches was good: "Big, big mistake."

9. Bridget Jones Diary. I would not loathe this movie as much as I do, but Morganne plays this all the time. Does TBS or Oxygen just have it on a permanent loop?

10. Love Actually. I think this movie is really sweet, which is remarkable given the fact that it stars Hugh Grant. It's me, so let's look at the facts. 1) It involves a politician. 2) It involves a breach of airport security. So I like it.

11. You don't have an 11, but I do. I watched the end of it when Morganne left the TV on yesterday. Something's Gotta Give. It was good and is a reminder to all to find happiness as early as you can.

Jen said...

My husband loves Mean Girls and Love Actually. He tolerates Titanic and When Harry Met Sally because I love them so much.

I LOVE Good Will Hunting! Such a great movie and another good one for both men and women.

Jaye-rusalem said...

every guy i have asked loves mean girls. not just because some of them are hot, but because they think it is funny.

Cameron said...

i agree, jaye. i totally thought mean girls was one, but i didn't bold it because lewis was like, "eh, not so much." so i thought i had misjudged it. but i'm happy to know maybe he's just a weirdo.

peter - it's important that you watch Ghost. ASAP.

jen - i love it that your husband loves when harry met sally!! i wish lewis did, too!!

Emily said...

Nate would say anything with Meg Ryan is a good chick flick

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