Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Show That Should Never Have Been Canceled

30 Days of Television - Day #1

It is ridiculously hard for me to pick one show for almost any of these topics in the 30 Days of Television  meme, so I'm going to be okay with choosing a few. Here are my shows that I think never should have been canceled:

I love Matthew Perry. I thought this show was funny & I really liked the chemistry between him & Sarah Paulson. I was really disappointed when this was canceled. It was very similar to 30 Rock - based around a sketch comedy show similar to Saturday Night Live, but instead of being fully comedy, it had a little drama & romance. I thought it was so great!
This show was about four brothers in New York. Two of them ended up killing one of the heads of organized crime in New York & subsequently got really involved in that whole world. It had Olivia Wilde in it & I just thought it was fun & awesome.

Christina Applegate was fabulous in this! It was so funny! I also loved Jennifer Esposito & Barry Watson, but my favorite was probably Melissa McCarthy. She is so cute & funny! She's going to be in the new show Mike & Molly, but I wish she was still able to be on Samantha Who.


That Mama Gretchen said...

I completely agree on Samantha Who. So sad.

I would also add Jericho ... did you ever see that?

Cameron said...

No I never watched it, but some friends of mine did & they also said it was good! I keep seeing it at my Blockbuster. I should rent it one day!

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