Monday, August 9, 2010

Best Scene Ever

Okay, this is hard. It would be absolutely ridiculous for me to think I could actually come up with one scene that I think is the best scene on a TV show ever. No way. So here's what I did, I went with the top 5 scenes off the top of my head that I could remember thinking "oh wow that was awesome." I feel like with all the tv I watch & all the shows I've ever seen, for there to be a few scenes that stick out as breathtaking for whatever reason, they should at least be mentioned. But these are not in order & I make no promises that I won't think of something better a week or month from now. Also all of these but 1 comes from a season finale. I guess finales just have the best scenes!

The final scene where Chandler realizes he's going to run back & propose to Monica & he thinks everything is all messed up - he gets back to the apartment & Joey says Monica left all upset & Chandler is crying & I'm crying & he opens the door & it's candles everywhere & Monica standing there & it's just the best thing you've ever seen in that one moment! I cry every single time I watch it. "There's a reason why girls don't do this!!"

You know the one. Ross & Rachel argue at Central Perk because Ross & Julie didn't get a cat. "You had no right to tell me you ever had feelings for me!" And then he leaves & she's mad & then she cries & then you see Ross in the window of the door & she opens the door & they kiss & it's raining & oh wow it's just good stuff.

The OC
Ryan finds out about Trey attacking Marissa. He goes to Trey's apartment to confront him - things get violent, Marissa comes in & tries to break it up. Trey's hitting, kicking & choking Ryan. Marissa is crying & screaming, she finds a gun, she points, she shoots, Imogen Heap plays & things go slow mo to fast & back all at once. Not the happiest of scenes, but overall totally awesome in the way it's done.

Grey's Anatomy
The whole part with Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol playing in the background. Denny is dead. Izzie is crying. Alex holds Izzie, Cristina holds Burke's hand, Izzie tells the Chief that she cut Denny's LVAD wire, Meredith is left to choose between Derek & Finn. It's just sad & emotional & packed with a bunch of drama in about 4 minutes.

One Tree Hill
Haley goes into labor, Karen goes into surgery, Lightning Crashes by Live is playing. The scene where everyone is wheeled into the hospital - Haley one way, Karen another & Lucas & Nathan meet in the middle & just hug - that's a good scene.

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