Saturday, August 21, 2010

Favorite relationship

Apparently on other 30 Days of TV memes, this one is called "favorite ship." I think that's stupid. So it's favorite relationship on my blog. Again, I have a top 10 in no particular order. And by the way - I'm having a hard time with all these favorite whatevers. I've already thought of like 10 more favorite kisses that could've fit somewhere in my top list from yesterday!! It's so hard to pick!!!

Mark Sloan & Lexie Grey
Grey's Anatomy
I've already said that I love that he goes from a major player just going from girl to girl & not really caring about anybody to being totally changed by his relationship with her. I'm all about that.

Buffy & Spike
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I have always been a little more partial to the relationship between Buffy & Spike over her & Angel because Spike chooses to be good based on his observance of how Buffy lives. Angel is cursed, not making a choice.

Buffy & Angel
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
They were the original. Forget Bella & Edward or Elena & Stefan. Buffy & Angel were the original human/vampire couple for me & I love it!

Booth & Brennan
Seriously, these two have got to get together soon or I'm going to stop watching the show. Okay, that's not true, but I'm going to keep threatening!

Nathan & Haley
One Tree Hill
I like it that they got together in the first season & have been through a bunch of crap, but are still together almost 8 years later!! It's awesome. I am not one who likes when TV shows bounce people from relationship to relationship. I think it's great shows that can make one relationship work over that amount of time.

Jim & Pam
The Office
They are just the sweetest. I don't know how to even begin to describe why I love them except that they are just so sweet! It's really cute.

Monica & Chandler
They complement each other perfectly! He's quirky & funny & she's neurotic & organized. It's lovely.

Rachel & Ross
They were just meant to be together. What more can you really say?

Rachel & Joey
I was definitely on board with Joey & Rachel & actually would've been ok with them ending up together rather than Rachel & Ross. But I would've been fine either way I think.

This last spot is a toss-up between Chuck & Blair from Gossip Girl and Carrie & Big from Sex & the City. You pick.

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