Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Favorite mini series

Okay so I can't think of a single mini-series or popular made-for-TV movie that I've ever watched! I've never seen Angels in America or Band of Brothers - although I feel like I need to see both of them. I never watched HBO's Recount, John Adams or Grey Gardens. So I'm going to have to show off how utterly nerdy I really am & choose the following 2 made-for-TV movies. Don't laugh.

Disney Channel
Yes I did get sucked into this phenomenon & I am actually not ashamed of it. I love all 3 of the HSM movies!!

ABC Family
This comes on every Christmas & has Kristin Davis from Sex & the City in it. Lewis & I watched it together at Christmas in 2002 - the year we first started dating. We have watched it every single year since then. I always find it on the DVR around Christmas time. (And just so you know - that picture up there makes it look oh so much worse than it really is!)

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