Monday, August 30, 2010

Saddest character death

I made it through the meme!!! Here are my 5 saddest character deaths.

Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I mean, come on. It's Buffy & she died! And we didn't know at the time that they were going to move the show to UPN so not only the viewers, but also the people who made the show thought this was the series finale! It was super sad.

Libby on Lost
We all thought that Hurley finally had a woman who loved him, so he'd have a girlfriend!! I'm pretty sure most people connected to that because Hurley is just so sweet! But then she gets accidentally shot by Michael & I cried.

Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy
I also included this scene in the best scene ever category. It was just heartbreaking! Denny was so lovable & such a great character on the show! I love that he's been back a few times, too. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is just awesome.

Joyce on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Her actual death is shown at the end of I Was Made to Love You, but The Body is all about the death. Besides being super sad, I think that is one of the best episodes made on Buffy because it was just so different & so emotional. No music, lots of long takes. It was just really captivating.

Keith on One Tree Hill
I cannot even tell you how much I cried the first time I saw this episode. It was unbelievable. It really was shocking to me! We all still miss Uncle Keith!!


Elke said...

You totally forgot Jen from Dawson's Creek !!

Cameron said...

Yeah I don't even think I remember or knew that she died! What season was that in?? I really need to catch up with that show!!

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