Sunday, August 22, 2010

Favorite series finale


I don't think I can avoid doing Friends or Buffy for this one because most of my favorite shows are still on the air, so these are the only 2 that have actual series finales. And I didn't love the Lost series finale enough to put it on here.

I love the Friends finale because it's just really funny. There are several quotes from Friends that Lewis & I both still quote on a regular basis that came from the series finale. I love that Chandler & Monica have the babies & Ross & Rachel get together! Phoebe is so happy she's singing like in a musical! It's just a great episode.

I love the Buffy finale because it's like girl power to the highest degree. I love the whole part at the very end where all the girls from all different places are standing up & becoming slayers & realizing that they can take on the world. I love that Spike sacrifices himself & that Buffy finally tells him she loves him (and I believe she really does). It is awesome!!

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