Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Fall Shows I'm Adding to My DVR

Initially I wasn't interested in this at all, but once I got through the entire preview for the show on the website, I was totally hooked! I'm excited about it!! For some reason, it reminds me of Lost.

You know I watch most things with Buffy people in them, so knowing Julie Benz was in this gave it a leg up - the trailer did the rest. I think Michael Chiklis seems great for this part!

I laughed about 10 times when I was watching the trailer. I think it's probably because I just had a baby, but I think this looks like it's worth a watch!

I am only watching this because it's a CW show & I feel like I should give it a shot. I think it may only last an episode or 2 on my DVR.

Love the Twitter. Love William Shatner. Definitely watching the show.

Another CW show I'm giving a shot. We'll see...

Matthew Perry in a new show. I'm there. No explanation needed. This one is a mid-season start.

I love Elisha Cuthbert & I love Casey Wilson from SNL. The trailer made me laugh, so I think it's worth watching!  This one is also starting mid-season.

I just think this one looks interesting, but I don't have super high hopes for it becoming a regular, but maybe!

[All images used from the official websites of the shows. Please click the links!]

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