Saturday, July 3, 2010

Movie Review: Eclipse

Twilight and Breaking Dawn Movie

Maybe it was the new director, maybe it was Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria, maybe it was that after the first 2 I was just used to them being bad that anything better would seem like major improvement, but I absolutely LOVED Eclipse! I loved that it was a little more dark & scary vampires rather than cheesy & stupid vampires without being completely violent & disgusting vampires (like True Blood which I can't handle). I liked that it showed the back stories of Jasper & Rosalie without being all smoky & grainy like the other movies. I liked that their eyes were distinctly red, brown or black, but normal looking & not crazy like New Moon & not too subtle like Twilight. I guess I've gotten used to the bad acting, too because it didn't bother me - although I was still aware of it. The wigs were still bad & Kristen Stewart still just makes me feel generally awkward & embarrassed. But overall I really really loved it & for the first time after seeing a Twilight Saga movie, I left the theater feeling really excited!

So way to go David Slade & cast. I definitely recommend this one.
(Although I still think you HAVE to read the books before seeing the movies because even though I liked this one, it was nothing in comparison to the books.)

What did you think of it?

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Please check that one out when you get a chance!!

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Olivia said...

I liked it. I too think the acting could have been better but that overall this one was better done. The hubby liked the special effects in this one better--he said you could tell they had more money to work with on this one. I wonder if they regret their casting for Bella? She's not the greatest actor ever, but she works pretty well for the awkward teen the book was trying to get across.

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