Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Green Tea Latte!

Hey Brooke (and other Starbucks or Green Tea lovers)!!

I got a Green Tea Latte with soy milk from Starbucks today!!

It was actually good! But weird! And Green!!

You should try it!!!


m worsham said...

i may have to get one today!

Emily said...

I like green tea but not like this. I got green tea/lemonade/shot of melon! yummy (iced)

brooke said...

eh.. i dont really like starbucks tea.. haha it tastes different.

Dr.Gray said...

I dont mean to offend but starbucks...yuck. If your really into green tea find a good importer. Starbucks is just using artificial flavoring. Something like this - latte matcha.

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