Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Freddie Mercury

I watched a VH1 Classic special on Freddie Mercury today. In the end I was crying. He was such a beautiful soul. And I know that is so Paula Abdul of me to say, but I'm serious. He was a fabulous performer, an absolutely amazing singer and a genuinely interesting person. He was "rock's first major AIDS casualty," quickly raising awareness of the disease due to his death in 1991.

1985's Live Aid concert was arguably one of the best rock performances ever.
This is part 1 (Bohemian Rhapsody & Radio Ga-Ga).

Click here for Part 2 (Hammer to Fall & Crazy Little Thing Called Love) and here for Part 3 (We Will Rock You & We Are The Champions) and here for Part 4 (Is This The World We Created & Do They Know It's Christmas) if you are interested. Also, click here for the rehearsal and an interview.

And here is the last video Queen did with Freddie. It was filmed in May, 1991, just 6 months before he died. I think it is a beautiful testimony of who he was and the final view of all of them together.

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