Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ten (Twenty) on Tuesday - on Wednesday

(Just a bunch I didn't ever do, but am doing now...from Ten on Tuesday blog.)

10 Places You'd Take a Tourist to See in Your Hometown
1. Kentucky Horse Park
2. UK's campus
3. Kentucky Theatre
4. The Woodford Reserve Distillery
5. Toyota plant
6. Lexington Cemetary
7. Raven Run
8. Ashland, Mary Todd Lincoln house, Waveland
9. Opera House
10. Stanley J's (yep, seriously)

10 Movies That You've Intended to Watch, but Haven't
1. Juno
2. Into the Wild
3. The Godfather
4. Blade Runner
5. Michael Clayton
6. Dan in Real Life
7. Lars and the Real Girl
8. Dedication
9. Reservoir Dogs
10. Love in the Time of Cholera, Atonement, Little Children, A Mighty Heart, Stardust
(all of #10 are together because I am waiting until I read the books)


Brooke said...

juno= WAY over rated. like, if you have never seen an indie movie before, you will love it, but if you have, you realize that juno like REALLY tries to be the most incredibly artistic film ever and its really forced.

dan in real life.. for having steve carrell and dane cook in it, it was not funny at all.. it was kind of boring and depressing at the same time.

i totally want to see lars and the real girl though

paul said...

can i watch reservoir dogs with u? its one of my favs.

Cameron said...

yes definitely. and when we do that, we should also watch the lost boys with hannah because i've never seen that either.

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