Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Need Your Help!! Really, Really!!!

Please take a few minutes to help me with this. It's for a school project - my final in my Gender & Women's Studies class. It will take you 5 minutes!!

I'm making a "zine" about strong women, what makes them strong, what are examples of them, etc.

So answer me this...

What do you think makes a woman strong? In every sense of the word.

And what are some examples, if you can think of any, of strong women in your life or in the media or in history?

Please just take a minute to comment, even if you don't normally comment! It will really help me a lot!!!

Also, if you have your own blog, please link to this so that your readers can comment and help me! The more comments, the better my zine will be!!!


Maria said...

Hmm...I think what makes a woman strong is the ability to know who she is, what she believes, and what she's "about". She doesn't let anyone influence her because she knows what she needs in her life.
I also think determination and courage make a woman strong. When I think of strong, I think of the women in my life. My grandmother and my mother. They are strong in their faith and have complete trust in the Lord and that's what gives them courage. When my Grandma was fighting cancer, she KNEW God was in charge. She didn't need anyone telling her, she just trusted. My mom is the same way. She's about the toughest person I know, but the most compassionate at the same time. I think it's about finding that balance.
That's a whole lot of scattered thoughts! Hope it makes sense!

Mrs. Needham said...

I think a womans strength comes from her servants heart. When you look to how Christ's love was shown to us it was through his servitude. And to me no woman exhibits more strength than when she is willing to put aside what may be her normal focus to do something for those she loves.

I know I have never felt so much myself, so strong, so selfless than when I gave birth. I'm sure it's the same for a lot of women, but to realize that you have spent 9mo. serving this beautiful child only to have to go through the fear and unknowns of birth to bring them into the world where you will continue to serve them for the rest of your life. I'll never forget the look in Micah's eyes when in labor or during birth. In that moment when both you and he realize that you are going through "this" for the goal you both share to build a family, but it is not a burden that they can share. And when all is said and done you really are proud of yourself. To know that you have a God given purpose, to serve, and I don't think you have to give birth to have an outlet, but I know for me I was very selfish until my sons softened my heart.

Brooke said...

ok short reply to what i will write more about later: julie taymore, tyra banks, ellen.

Brooke said...

"Women must likewise be dignified, not malicious gossips, but temperate, faithful in all things.


1 Timothy 3:11

Brooke said...

ok this is why i like ellen

I was watching Desperate the other day.. Lynette's husband wanted to quit his job and open up a resturaunt. Then she got shot. So she quit her job to help her husband, and he was like what the crap are you doing?! you love your job! and she said, when i was bleeding out after being shot i wasnt thinking how much I was going to miss advertising.
So i think shes an example of a strong woman. because she realizes that no matter how in control of everything she seems to be, she really wants whats best for her family, and doesnt even consider what she does everyday to be a sacrifice.

the reason why i really like tyra is because i think she really is trying to give women, especially of color, a platform. A lot of her shows are on racism, how people perceive one another through stereotypes, and body image. She has done a lot of shows about low self esteem and talked about how the tabloids call her fat and how weight doesnt matter. and on top model she has never ever said anything to a girl about being too big, but on the other hand gets really concerned when she thinks a girl might have an eating disorder

and molly weasly is awesome, and wouldnt let lestrange hurt ginny

Sara Jane said...

1. I like this link:

2. I am posting this on my blog as I speak with my response and a link to your blog!

Hope all is well!

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