Saturday, March 8, 2008

Beverly Hills, 90210

So I've been recording 90210 on the SOAP channel. I knew Emily had seen all the episodes and loved it, but it was always that show that I had seen several of them, but not all of them and I was okay with it.

Well now it's become my new guilty pleasure. They play them in order on the SOAP channel. I started recording them at about the next to last episode of season 2 - when Brenda's parents started trying to break up Brenda and Dylan. Now I'm like 3 episodes into season 3.

It's awesome. And their clothes are rockin' and it's just so cheesy.

And I guess with all the craziness that's on tv now, it's not as dirty as I remember thinking that it was! haha! But I'm sure it just gets worse as it goes on...I'm excited!


Cameron said...

okay, so i just looked up all this stuff about it on wikipedia and it gets a LOT dirtier!! haha! that's what i remember!!


Mimsy Lou said...

i thoroughly endorse your new guilty pleasure...but only while they are in high school. oh donna and david...

Emily said...

hahaha i knew you would love it.

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