Sunday, March 30, 2008

Personality Type 4

I got this from Mandy.

Click this link and take the personality test. It's really interesting!! I'm Type 4. Here is the description of me! It's oddly accurate in my opinion. And it gives suggestions for how to get along with me! They are all very true as well!

You should try it and tell me what your type is so I can see how to get along with you! haha!


Maria said...

I'm a type 3 and 5 (same score for both of those). That was fun! I linked it in my blog as well.

sarah said...

i got number 7, but i didn't really think it was right... lol.

k said...

i'm a 9....i guess it's sort of accurate!

Jennifer said...

I got a number 2 and it was dead on

Mandy said...

So I was fascinated with this as well! So glad I wasn't the only one!!

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