Monday, March 10, 2008

Snow Days/Spring Break/Weekend

So, how is your spring break so far guys? (If it is your Spring Break...)

So far I have watched about 17 episodes of 90210, Martian Child & Jumper.
I've read 2 chapters of Atonement.
I've played Sims 2 on my computer.
I've done Friends trivia on Facebook.
And, obviously, I've blogged.

Tomorrow morning, Lewis' parents are coming over and we're going to start putting down the laminate on our first floor - living room & kitchen! I'm excited!!

Sometime Tuesday afternoon I think I'm going to the comic book store with Paul & Hannah.

Tuesday night, Katelyn is coming over and we are watching some of season 2 of One Tree Hill.

Then on Wednesday, I'm going shopping in Cincinnati with Diana & Allison!


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