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Mobile blogging

So I'm trying out the mobile blogging with my new iPhone. Maybe I'll
blog some pictures I take in New York this weekend!! I've never been
and I leave Friday at 6am. Yay!!!!

Testing testing 123

Save the Bees - what you can do Part 2!

You can also help save the Honey Bees by donating to Pennsylvania State University of University of California at Davis. They have two of the world's leading Honey Bee research facilities.

Click here to donate to Pennsylvania State University
Click here to donate to University of California at Davis

harry potter and the half blood prince trailer!!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Save the Bees - what you can do!

Image Source

So you want to help the Honey Bees...

Plant a Seed!!
The following plants attract the attention of honey bees and actually can help increase native honey bee populations:
lavender, glory bushes, jasmine, rosemary, coreopsis, violets, thyme, wisteria, bluebells, trumpet vine, sunflowers, cosmos and cone flowers.

Information from Help the Honey Bees!

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Save the Bees!!!!

This may sound silly to you, but there is a Honey Bee crisis right now. Honey Bees are disappearing and dying at alarming rates. Seeing as how Honey Bees are responsible for pollination for 1/3 of the entire world's food supply, this is a very serious problem for the planet.

In my Geology class I'm taking this summer, we were discussing Geologic Time - Eons, Eras, Periods, Epochs. We are currently in the Holocene Epoch. An Epoch is the smallest level of Geologic Time. Our current Epoch began with the retreat of the last ice age. A student in class asked the teacher what would cause us to enter a new Geologic Epoch. She responded by saying a "mass extinction." A mass extinction is a sharp decrease in a species over a short period of time. When asked what would count as a mass extinction, she said, "ALL the birds or ALL the humans or...the honey bees."

She said that because the honey bees play such an important role in the pollination and indirectly the production of 1/3 of the planet's food supply, if they continue to disappear at the rate they are, we will have a mass extinction within our lifetime. This would permanently and devastatingly change the entire planet.

We have already seen the affect of the honey bee crisis in food prices - we've all noticed the increases over the past year. Ice cream companies like Haagen-Dazs are starting to step up and contribute to the research of the Honey Bee disappearances because they know how important the honey bees are to the production of their ice cream. Click here to go to the Haagen-Dazs Help the Honey Bees website for more general information about the honey bees crisis and also for information about how the honey bees affect the ice cream production.

Just to give you an idea, while honey is not the most important thing that will be lost if the Honey Bees disappear, it gives a picture of how many of them have disappeared - before 2006, when the Honey Bee crisis was first identified, many commercial beekeepers were able to produce more than 6,000 pounds of honey per year. Currently, they are producing 1,000 pounds of honey per year - a drastic change in only 2 years.

One of the main problems that I have right now is that this issue has yet to be addressed by either political party or by Congress or the President. I think it is an important issue that could affect and IS affecting not only the United States, but the entire world.

I will be posting more information on the Honey Bees in the next few days...

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The Vanishing of the Bees

Watch this video...

More to come throughout the week


If you have not checked out my blog-friend Sara's blog, you should definitely do so because she is so cute!! I stole the idea for the following from her, but I think she also stole it from someone else...

I am...
definitely a great big dork
married and 23 years old
happy most of the time
misunderstood almost all the time
ready to be done with school

I want...
my friends to all be friends again like we used to be
to get into the education program in august
all my favorite tv shows on dvd
to dye my hair again

I have...
the most wonderful husband
fabulous friends
allergies 98% of the year
lots of tv shows on dvd already

I wish...
somebody would get better
there was a cure for AIDS
and a cure for cancer
Jesus would come back

I hate...
racists & bigots
passive aggression

I fear...
BIG THINGS (grand canyon, Hoover dam, etc.)
big spiders
not being the person i know i can be

I hear...
music all the time

I search...
using google

I wonder...
where i will be in 10 years
where the people i love will be in 10 years
or 1 year
who will be the next president

I regret...
not saying no
lots of things i've said in anger
lots of things i've done in weakness

I love...
my family and friends
watching tv shows on dvd all day
seeing movies
reading a book by the pool
halloween - haunted houses

I ache...
when i think about stupidity in my past
when i feel overwhelmed

I always...
am thinking more than i say out loud
wash my face twice a day

I usually...
would rather be alone
am just wanting to get in my car and listen to my ipod

I am not...
who i used to be

I dance...
when i'm alone

I sing...
in my car
really loud
really off-key

I never...
will give up on people i love
listen to cd's anymore

I rarely...
exercise (that's bad)

I cry...
when i watch tv shows or read books or laugh really hard
when i care

I am not always...
who i want to be, but i'm really trying

I lose...
when i hold back

I'm confused...
about some people's decisions
including my own sometimes

I miss...
my uncle, especially lately
being a little kid
Friends & Buffy having new episodes on tv

I need...

I should...
be patient

I'm turning this into a tagging thing because I'm interested in seeing how the following people would fill this out:
Travis (I doubt he will do it, but I'm still tagging him)
Mandy W.
Mandy D.
Emily J
Brooke (giving her something to blog about)
Emily R

Back to School

Speaking as someone who took a couple of years off and then returned to finish college, I understand and respect anyone who makes this decision. (I respect very much those who go to school to begin with and stick with it, but I understand how this isn't the right choice for everyone...) Some people take a few (or a lot of) years off to pursue other things. But I'm witnessing firsthand how college really helps you, shapes you, challenges you, encourages you, etc. You end up meeting people who are similar to you - they want similar things in their future - and are pursuing those passions and dreams with initiative, determination and education.

My reason for bringing this up is the following:

Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger of Incubus have decided to go back to college. Boyd will be attending a Los-Angeles area art school and Einziger will be attending Harvard. Boyd recognizes that he will be in the company of many people who have the same passions and dreams like I was talking about. He said that he has a need "to humble myself in the presence of other artists who are younger, better and hungrier than I am. I think it will do good things for my ego."

(The info for this came from my friend Jessica's blog - Gravy & Biscuits. Check it out!!)

Playlist for the Week

PostSecret 7-27-2008

These stuck out to me this week. Which ones stick out to you this week?

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Best TV Music Moments

So my last post got me to thinking about the best music moments in my favorite TV shows. Most of them end up being The OC or One Tree Hill because music is a big deal in those shows, but whatever.

Let's check some of them out:

Hide & Seek
by Imogen Heap - in The OC

by Jeff Buckley - in The OC

Chasing Cars
by Snow Patrol - Grey's Anatomy

by Finn Quayle & William Orbit - in The OC

Champagne Supernova
by Oasis - in The OC

Missing You
by Tyler Hilton - in One Tree Hill

Hot Blooded
by Foreigner - in Bones

Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
by Led Zeppelin - in One Tree Hill

The Odd Couple Theme Song
- in Friends

One Tree Hill Season 4 Finale

This is one of my favorite songs/clips from a tv show. I love the song and I love the way they did it.

If you are one of my friend who has not yet borrowed my One Tree Hill dvds to watch, don't watch this video because it gives a lot away.

You can watch this video, though which is the music video for Lightning Crases by Live. Does everyone remember this song???

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let's Hear It For Graphic Novels

I really believe that Graphic Novels make the best movies.

Click here to watch a new trailer for Frank Miller's The Spirit.

Also, watch this absolutely amazing trailer for Watchmen.

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Dark Knight Box Office Update

The Dark Knight is now officially the biggest opening movie of all time. It made $155.34 million in its opening weekend.

Yet another reason why you should go see it!

The Dark Knight Review

So here's the thing about me reviewing this movie - I can't do it very eloquently, mainly because I start thinking about it, get really excited and then lose my words.

It was beyond fabulous. I am finding room for it right now in my top 10 movies of all time. I've got to organize it in my head. Heath Ledger's performance, in my opinion, is legendary. Everything about the movie was perfect. It is too much to really take in at once. We are planning on going to see it again in the IMAX.

You should absolutely go see it, no matter who you are. It will absolutely rock your socks off. It is the best Batman movie ever made. Read the Rolling Stone review as they much more eloquently elaborate on the specifics of the movie.

Here is some interesting information so far about the movie:

It has broken box office records as the biggest midnight-showing movie of all time. It made $18.4 million in just midnight showings, beating Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith which had held the record with $16.9 million.

It has broken box office records as the biggest first day movie of all time. It made $66.4 million on Friday, July 18, beating Spider-Man 3 which had held the record with $59.8 million.

We will find out today if it beat Spider-Man 3 for the biggest opening weekend movie of all time. Spider-Man 3 holds the title so far with $151.11 million.

Have you seen it yet?
What did you think?

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Dark Knight Interviews - Aaron Eckhart

Friday, July 18

Go see it!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dark Knight Interviews - Christian Bale

Friday, July 18

Go see it!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ray LaMontagne - Gossip in the Grain

You can preorder tickets for Ray LaMontagne's new cd, Gossip in the Grain, if you click this link.

An iTunes preorder is coming soon!

If you don't know who Ray LaMontagne is, please watch the following videos.
He is one of my favorite musicians.

Empty (BBC Four Sessions)

Forever My Friend - Letterman

They also like to play Ray LaMontagne a lot in One Tree Hill...

Within You - Season 4 Finale

Lesson Learned - Season 3, Episode 9

Dark Knight Interviews - Maggie Gyllenhaal

Friday - July 18

Go see it!!!

New on DVD 7/15/2008

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The Dark Knight Countdown - Why Heath?

When asked why Heath Ledger was picked to play The Joker, Christopher Nolan responded,
"Because he's fearless."

1 week to The Dark Knight!!
July 18, 2008!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I've been keeping a secret

So I started another blog. I haven't blogged on it too much mainly just because I haven't had time!!

But I'll start to blog on it more.

It's a blog for my Jesus-thoughts. Those of you who read my blog regularly have probably read quite a few of my Jesus thoughts already, but I thought I would start a blog to exclusively put those.

I didn't want to tell anyone at first mainly just because it's so much more personal and important to me than this blog is. I mean, don't get me wrong, this blog is important and I love it, but the other one is just a little deeper.

Check it out if you want, if you're interested, no pressure.

Window in the Skies

Twilight Movie - Entertainment Weekly

OMG what do you think?

New in Theaters 7/11/2008

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PostSecret 7-6-2008

I wish more people felt like this.
What a superficial world we live in.
We're missing the point.


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