Monday, March 16, 2009

The Wonderful Maladys

Sarah Michelle Gellar is poised to star in a new HBO show called The Wonderful Maladys. It is being written by Charles Randolph, best known for the feature films The Life of David Gale and The Interpreter. The show was initially announced in September, but there were just two new actors added to the cast.

The show was written with Gellar in mind and it will focus on the lives of 3 adult siblings who lost their parents at an early age. SMG will play the middle sibling, described by Charles Randolph as having "a kind of zealous immaturity -- like a drug addict with a to-do list." Nate Corddry (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) & Molly Parker (Deadwood) were just added as Gellar's siblings on the show, so it looks like everything is moving forward! I'm excited about a new tv show with SMG in it! I love her!

Entertainment Weekly

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Jessica P. Wallin said...

Ooh, sounds good! I love Nate on United States of Tara. Oh, and he's a little bit better-looking than his brother!

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