Monday, March 16, 2009

Gossip Girl Spin-Off: Lily Rhodes

The Gossip Girl spin-off is going to be about Lily Rhodes as a teenager and I think it's going to be awesome! I love Gossip Girl and I love Brittany Snow, who has been cast as Lily. The first pictures of Brittany Snow as Lily were posted on JustJared! Click here to check out all of them! Matt Barr, who played Psycho Derek in One Tree Hill has been cast as Keith van der Woodsen - probably Lily's first husband seeing how Serena is Serena van der Woodsen!

Has anyone else been keeping up with this developing spin-off? I've been reading about it, but decided not to post until now. I'm really excited!

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ronit said...

Gossip Girl TV show has just finished its 2nd season and quite new i dont think it needs a spin off. but this show is very popular may be thats the reason that the producers of this show wants to cash its popularity

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