Saturday, January 31, 2009

Review: Revolutionary Road

I left this movie with the overwhelming sensation that it was more than a movie. It was a statement. It was not where you go for entertainment. It was not "enjoyable." It was somber, it was gutwrenching and it was painful. But it accomplished what it was meant to. The book was written in 1961 for a generation that hid its pain behind the smiles at the dinner table. It cut to the heart of every lie and it opened wide the door to conversation and examination of the lies in your own life. Now here is the movie almost 50 years later, and it still applies. It still speaks to a generation that continues to hide its pain behind the facade.

Don't go see this if you're looking for a chick flick with a happy ending. Go see this if you are willing to examine what parts of your life or the lives of those around you mimic different pieces of the film. Maybe you're the wife who can't stifle the dream and desire for something more. Maybe you're the husband who is trying to provide, but fades into mediocrity. Maybe you're the man who is institutionalized because of your inability to censor the truth. Maybe you're the woman who puts on a smile and a dress and sweeps the secrets under the rug. Maybe you don't identify with any character, but you see a vivid reflection of pieces of American society.

No matter where you may be, there are aspects of this movie that you will find hit home. My friend Brooke thought that the fact that there are so many real people like the characters made the movie common and overrated. I respectfully disagree. I believe that the fact that there are so many people like April and Frank Wheeler is what made the movie relevant and heartbreaking. It spurs conversation. It forces an opinion. I heard strong opinions for and against it and I think they're both right. Because it's more than a movie. It's a statement. It's a conversation.

In terms of acting, directing, cinematography and atmosphere, I thought it was award-worthy, especially Kate Winslet. I think that Peter Travers at Rolling Stone captured the movie perfectly in his review.

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chasing empty pavements said...

I totally agree with your view on Revolutionary Road.. I read the book and it lead to some of the most raw emotions one can produce. And I just ADORE Kate Winslet!

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