Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Movies I'm Excited About...

These are all the movies I'm looking forward to from now through the summer. I may add to this list later! Click the links for the website & trailer!


sciencetostone said...

The xmen movie suuuuuccckkkksssss.
Something fierce. Mainly due to the writing though. It looks great.

The_Brain said...

Well I reserve my judgment of X-Men when I see the finished version at the theater (Although I understand why some Marvel fan will be disappointed, I kinda liked the leaked copy though).
I think I'm gonna see most of the movies listed above as well, with the addition of "Cherry Blossoms" on may 8 and definitely "Ice Age 3".

Cameron said...

Yeah I'm waiting to see for myself with X-Men. If only because Ryan Reynolds is playing Deadpool. Very excited about that!

sciencetostone said...

Yeah, I just thought the Wolverine movie was poorly put together. They covered way too much material way too quickly. They could have taken the first 45 minutes of the movie and made it into 2 separate movies.

Harry Potter looks phenomenal.
C'mon, Fighting? I lost respect for Terrance Howard for being in this movie.

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