Thursday, June 14, 2007

Subsidized Story Time 6-14-2007

Grandmother (who is my friend Emily's grandmother) is pretty much everybody's Grandmother at work. Her husband died 14 years ago. At work we have an award in his name, the Stanley Smart Award. They give it out each year to the person who has exhibited the best character, teamwork, etc. (Grandmother's daughter, Carol, is my boss. She owns the company.)

Anyway, Grandmother came in today and was talking to me & Emily & Brooke. She told us that Bobby (another man that works there) had brought her an apple pie from McDonald's today when he came back from lunch. She got kinda choked up and then said that she had stopped at McDonald's with her husband on the way to the hospital the last time, before he passed away, to get him an apple pie before he had to start eating hospital food again.

Me & Brooke started crying.

I didn't like that story.


Tina said...

grandmother is the greatest.

Tina said...

also, thanks for the happy birthday!

Mandy said...

aw that is so sad! i would've cried too!! where do you all work?

Cameron said...

we work at Winterwood, Inc. It's a property management company.

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