Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Home Exchange!

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Have any of you seen The Holiday?? I had no idea that the home exchange program was real!! That's amazing!! Ideal Bite promotes it because it is cheaper and you don't have to bring as much because the house is already stocked with the things you would need!

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Home Base Holidays

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Anne said...

Oh, yes -it's very real and has been so since the early 1950s when teachers in Europe began exchanging their homes during their long summer breaks. Not only did it save them money but it also afforded them great opportunities to experience other lifestyles. They were able to visit an area and live like a local.

ExchangeHomes.com has been continually involved in arranging home exchanges since 1986. We also have a great blog at ExchangeHomesBlog

Both sites are full of information about home exchanging and the blog, which is updated continually has lots of tips, tricks and member stories.

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